Where did the name With Love, Genesis & Joy come from? Genesis is the middle name of my heavenly babe, and Joy is the middle name of my earth-side babe. I added "with love" because that's a common way to end a card to someone.

What does your rainbow/heart logo mean/represent? I get asked this quite frequently! As you know, Genesis & Joy are the middle names of my two babies. The rainbow watercolor heart happened by chance, I trusted a good friend to make the logo and that's what she came up with! I wanted a small pop of color since my website has a lot of black and white. I suppose you could say the rainbow represents rainbow babies born after a loss, and the HOPE we have in Jesus.

Is this service free? Yes! I send out cards at no charge. This is a donation-supported ministry.

Do you ship internationally? Yes! Cards are sent internationally, and as of right now we have reached eight different countries.

I do my best to mail out the cards in a timely manner so they can arrive by the date you request, but sometimes they will be a little early or a little late! Mailing things internationally is tricky, but I do my best!

I want to request a card for someone else, can I do that? Absolutely. This is a great option if you want to send some love to a friend or family member, but don't quite know the words to say. 

I'd like to send you supplies/a cash donation/giveaway item/etc. Where can I send it? Please contact me and I’ll be glad to provide you with an address!

I want to collaborate! How can I find out more info? Awesome, I'd love to collaborate! Send me your ideas in an e-mail [ genesisandjoy AT gmail.com ]

I want to help! What can I do? I would love the extra help! There are three ways to go about that.

1) Most importantly, I always ask people to pray. This is a huge undertaking, and the fact that it is an international ministry can make things complicated sometimes!

2) Donate! As stated before, this is a donation-supported ministry, which means that when donations don't come in, the money comes from my own pocket. If you feel like God is calling you to donate, click here and show support. We appreciate it so much!

Also, donations don't just have to be financial; I can always use card making supplies! I go through a lot of envelopes (5X7 size), paper (printed and solid), washi tape, glue stickers/dots, and stamps/ink.

 3) I always need help making cards. E-mail me for more details about this opportunity!

4) Search “genesisandjoy” on Poshmark and you will find some of my clothing items for sale! All proceeds benefit this ministry.