The Podcast

The With Love, Genesis & Joy podcast launched New Year’s Day 2019! I am so excited to have the opportunity to share my heart with even more people. Each week, I share a loss story from an angel mom, and/or a word of encouragement that can be applicable no matter what season you’re in.

Sometimes, I’ll feature medical professionals, pastors, and family members of miscarried moms. If you’ve listened to the podcast on any platform, be sure to leave a rating/review! I appreciate it so much!

The podcast is currently available on three platforms. Podbean, Spotify, and iTunes.

If you are currently scheduled to be interviewed for the show, and would like access to your interview questions, please click here and ask to join.

If any of the below applies to you and you would be interested in being interviewed for the podcast, please fill out the form below and get in contact with me! I’d love to chat with you.

If you have experienced a:

  • stillbirth

  • early miscarriage < 7 weeks

  • missed miscarriage

  • miscarriage > 7 wks

  • blighted ovum

  • chemical pregnancy

  • molar pregnancy

  • miscarriage w/ cytotec

  • loss of one multiple

  • ectopic pregnancy

  • multiple/recurrent miscarriages

If you are a:

  • medical professional (doctor, L&D nurse, midwife, bereavement doula, etc)

  • father or other close family member

  • founder of a loss resource

I would also like to discuss:

  • maternal PPD following the birth of a rainbow baby

  • the grief process

  • how to help women through miscarriage

  • ways to remember our angel babies

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